30 September - 1 October 2023Kommer bestämmas senare

Ett nytt sätt att älska!

A 2-days immersive in person workshop to get real and set yourself up for success in relationship and intimacy. I wanted to give as much value as I possibly can to support singles and couples towards the relationships they truly desire. This workshop is the result. Knowing and living after this turns water into wine, I would have craved this wisdom earlier in my life and want to share it with you.

  • Do you want to deepen you capacity to create trust and attraction?
  • Are you longing for lasting and erotic relationships?
  • Feeling not seen or annoyed and frustrated with your partner?
  • Is “…but we just don't have time” your excuse?
  • Has “...lets watch a movie” become an escape from deep intimacy?

Are you ready to explore a new way to love? 

During this workshop we explore a new way to love through deeper understandings, tools and practices to open up for deep fulfilling love and lasting erotic attraction.

This is for you if you are ready to…

  • Get out of negative spirals and experience new ways of connecting intimately in relationships and dating
  • Learn about your attachment patterns and how your past is holding you back
  • Explore how masculine and feminine polarities and tantric practices can deepen your attraction and sex life as well as being a source of deep healing
  • Take an honest look at the core reasons of how and why you hold yourself back from showing up fully in your relationships
  • Experience ways you can support your partner to feel safe
  • Practice tools of vulnerability, integrity, listening, breath and presence to experience a healing relationship with self and others
  • Let go of old pride and stories and invite a new way to love and be loved

This workshop can radically change your life and relationships!


When? 30 September - 1st of  October, between 10:00-17:00 both days.

Where? Will be decided. A location within or close to Stockholm

Food? More info will come.

What language, French, Spanish..? The workshop will be held in English if that is needed, otherwise in Swedish. You can always use Swedish during the workshop if that feels best for you.

Accommodation? If you need somewhere to stay the night there´s a lot of hotels and hostels nearby. 

Bring soft comfortable clothes. It´s a fully clothes on workshop and we will create a safe space where you get to do exercises and discussions in groups and also 1 on 1. You do not need to have done similar things like this workshop before, but only to bring yourself and a willingness to explore and challenge whats no longer serves you. 

Spots are limited to keep the event safe and intimate. Secure your spot by booking if this feels right for you.


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I know that relationships can hold a lot of struggle and pain. They can also be the most amazing and healing containers. This is why I am dedicated to supporting others who long for deeper love and sexuality. 

I have packed this workshop with as much value as I possibly can. This is the type of workshop that I wish I had known about years ago. This information has radically shifted my own inner confidence and capacity for love. If you go all in on this and keep practicing the tools this workshop provides you with, you will radically change not only your life but also the people that you are in relationship with. 

I bring all of me to this workshop, my own wisdom from my own 20-years of relationships and marriage as well as professional experience in coaching couples and individuals to incredible breakthroughs. 

I am a certified master coach, and have been facilitating courses and leading men's groups for the last several years. If you are a yes to this, it will be my honor to support you during these two days. You are welcome and wanted with everything that you are. We need each other to do this.

See you at the workshop!